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"From a place you've never heard of ...

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Alex says: 

''From a place you never heard off...

Comes an experence you won't forget!

Image by Carles Rabada

The Perfect way to say  "Thank You"
 A delicious gift basket fresh from Dancu Farm!



batch is ruined!
We'll have to throw it all away."

Each cheese has its own particular characteristic look, feel, and smell. It was our first attempt at making edom. Cheesemaking is, in many ways, a trial-and-error process, so we weren't expecting perfection. But this was a disaster!"

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Creamy Cheese Veggie Soup!

What happens when you combine two great dishes?

This week's video recipe has already proven a great favorite with visitors to Dancu Farms. Our own cheddar cheese combined with fresh, organic veggies with or without tender chicken in a crispy country bread bowl! Mmmmoldova!

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Sometimes 'organic' isn't

According to the agencies that monitor such things, a product must meet the following criteria in order to claim that it is organic:

Try it,You'll love it!
Image by Carles Rabada

Gifts For Any Occasion

Who knew the art of gift-giving could be so fun? With our unique gift boxing process, your receiver can finally get what they deserve — a thoughtful and unique gift box that they couldn’t receive from anywhere else. Browse through our available options, or start from scratch. In just a few simple steps, your one-of-a-kind gift can be shipped and on its way to be opened by your loved one in no time.

Image by Carles Rabada
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